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One small leaf
Blown from a autumn tree
Is enough to remember
Your secret smile

One small shell
Found on a lonely beach
Is enough to remember
What you did to me

One small rock
Rolling from a daring hill
Is enough to remember
All my hopefull dreams

Patterns in the sand
Drawn with lazy hands

The sun just above the trees
Glowing in the silent water

Dreaming of tomorrow
At the end of a perfect day

Silence is the way to understand my feelings
Just come near and feel my heart
Your name it calls with every beat
Like a medieval lovesick bard

once there was a time to obey
but that is gone
once there was a time to believe
but that is lost
maybe now is the time to love
its up to you

when i was happy
not too far away
in time and space
i saw your face
in my dreams
at night
but know
all i remember
is the touch
of a foreign hand

where is the love
praised in a thousand books
where is the joy
shown in a thousand films
where is the future
promised in a thousand songs
show it to me

i feel strange in my heart
and its not love
and its not sorrow
a hope for somthing new
paired with final resignation

i loathe perfection in a human soul
beauty lies in weakness suffered

the silence starts north of Helsinki
i open my heart and scream
the country takes it all without a trace
and heals my soul of bitterness

what did i miss
not loving you
but now it is too late
just one last tear
for a lost maybe

tell me was that love
this strange feeling in my heart
everytime i saw your smile
is that all i am able to feel
i cant belive that all the songs
are only praising this

find me a home
hidden from the world
a shelter in the darkest night
till the morning comes

find me the way
to a brighter future
with all your love
beyond the hopeless now

find me a dream
of happiness
in your hand
i trust my soul

to go beyond the dream
is the largest step
when the great hopes lose their magic
and all that is left are some shallow feelings
will you guide me on that way
that i reach my goal in all its pure intensity

Emotions are a song in the heart
a note for every smile
a tune for every tear
a symphony for every love

Just a smile would mean a lot to me
to see i am not alone
a little comfort is all i need
in this cold and evil world

i will never know
if you are the one i spent my life to find
because our ways
crossed far too fast

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© 1999-2005 by Jens Rupp 20. July 2005