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BigClock is a freeeware clock for the PalmPilot. It runs on any PalmOS compatible device.
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Read the complete documentation online.

NEW: BigClock under GNU General Public License

BigClock is now under GPL. You can download the
complete BigClock source.
Read the Gnu General Public License online.

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5 Stars on PalmPilotSoftware (ZDNet)

4 1/2 Planes on Pilotzone


BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock BigClock


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User comments

"Just downloaded version 2.5 of Big Clock. The program is better than ever! The new features work great! Thanks!"

"BigClock is an excellent program. I think it should be given a 6-star award instead of five, simply because this program is an wonder. This is a MUST program to download. You have all my support."

"Jens, thank you so much for making what may be one of the most useful freeware Palm apps around. What makes it particularly useful is the ease of the user interface--reminds me a bit of something I might find on my old Newton MessagePad 2100. Thanks again!"

"Thanks for Big Clock. Downloaded it along with three others -- anaclock, cesium and another, which I forget the name of, because it's gone already. Yours is the best. A keeper. Good work"

"Just want you to know I love your BigClock program. I had downloaded and was shareware testing Cesium. Then I found your's on Pilotgear. I find your's at least as good functionally and with more features I like such as tone setting of alarms and such. Admittedly it's not as "user friendly" (but AOL is user friendly for all the wrong reasons, know what I mean?) but that's because of all the flexibility and ability to set BigClock up as I like it. Which is more important in my opinion. Thanks for a useful program."

"Thanks again for BigClock. It has better features than _many_ of the commercial programs. My favorite is the ability to add a small note to alarms, and countdowns, and now, the new sounds."

"Thanks for a great program! It does everything I want and more!"

"Ich benutze seit kurzem ihre "Big Clock" auf meinem Palm III. Ich bin Pilot bei der Lufthansa und dauernd auf der ganzen Welt unterwegs. Ihre BC ist genau das Programm auf das ich seit langem gewartet habe. Ich benutze es hauptsaechlich um Weckzeiten für verschiedene Zeitzonen einzugeben. Ausserdem benutze ich die Timerfunktion auch im Cockpit waehrend des Fluges recht haeufig. Das Programm ist sehr übersichtlich und leicht zu bedienen. Vielen Dank."

Just wanted to say thanks for your freeware program Big Clock+. I just recently purchased a Palm III and was extremely disappointed to find that I had spent all that money and the thing didn't even have a daily alarm. I have owned Sharp organizers etc. before and I just assumed that the Palm III would have the features I take for granted on an electronic organizer. I started looking at all the downloads that were available and was getting pretty depressed thinking I was going to have to shell out more money to get what I think should be a standard application. I am sure glad I kept browsing until I found your freeware program. I have only been using it a couple days but I think it works just fine. Thanks again for providing such an essential application for free.

"First of all, let me congratulate you on what I believe to be one of the most useful pieces of software I have installed on my Palm III. After all, it wakes me up every morning, which is not an easy task to do..."

"I just downloaded the Big Clock v2.01 and installed it on my Palm III. I have been using Clockworks, but I like your program better. Thank you for making it freeware.

"First time, I installed your Big Clock ver.1.7 November. I felt "I want more world time area" then. Yesterday, I got&installed your new Big Clock(ver.2.01) It is wonderfull!! New version has 4 world time areas. Now, Big Clock is one of my favarite application."

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